Your possibilities with Delupe


With Delupe it has never been easier to showcase your offers to a larger audience. With a few clicks you can hit just over 150,000 daily users with your products and offers. When you are set up as a store at Delupe, you will have access to our store admin, from where you can easily and easily manage your entire setup. This includes feed management, updates, bidding as well as statistics and performance reports.


When your goods are synchronized with Delupe, they are automatically added our search result, where our algorithm analyzes and shows your offers to the very users who are searching for them. Our system automatically monitors your products and their performance with impressions and clicks, ensuring that we show them as often as they are relevant. The users we send to you as a store therefore have high relevance and conversion.


Our system also gives you an insight into the general search volume where your goods and offers are relevant. You will thereby be able to see if your goods are shown optimally or if the setup can be optimized for a better positioning. This is possible with better graphics, text or price of the item or other variables that affect the user's interest.


Delupe is currently active in 21 markets, which gives you as a store a lot of exciting opportunities. When the setup is done on one market, it is easy to expand to the rest. This only requires that your site supports this country (language, currency, support and shipping) and that you set up a specific feed for the market.