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Increase your revenue with google shopping ads

Delupe’s CSS Program / Google Shopping Ads

Delupe was founded in 2012 and since then grown Google programs on behalf of retailers. Throughout the years, we’ve invested in a technology platform that maximize performance and deliver higher sales revenue.

Google Shopping Ads is well known as one of the highest converting shopping channels.

Products displayed by Delupe are complimentary to direct Google Shopping Ads campaigns. Working with Delupe secures additional ad placements on Google instead of your competition.

Grow your revenue through Google Shopping Ads by working with Delupe. Get started today!

Are you a smaller agency or CSS struggling to meet the stricter requirements of this new program? Find out how we can help.

Delupe & Google

Delupe is a Google premium partner. Retailers/shops can earn more by participating in Delupe’s CSS program. To qualify, you need to have a Delupe account that is opted-in to our CSS domains.

How it works: Upload your feed into our Google Shopping ADS system. From now on, we manage your ADS on Google Shopping Ads and the users will be linked directly to your products from your feed. We optimize your traffic and work to bring you the most sales. In order to do this you have to make sure that the feed always is updated with the recent product descriptions and prices. You can always “opt-out” and “opt-in” of any campaign as you wish. We only charge the Google clicks to your account.

Costs:You don’t need to pay any charges to get started. You will pay only per every click on your ad.

How you get started:

  • Sign in and follow instructions.
  • Your products will be passed through the Google merchant center and approved.
  • After one to two days you will start receiving Google Shopping Ads traffic.

Why participate with Delupe? We are a best-in-class technology platform that grows your retail business and manages to your specific performance goals.

Platform features:

  • Results You Can Trust – Delupe is a Google Premium CSS Partner, certifying Delupe’s proven track record managing large scale Google Shopping campaigns for retailers. Google trusts us to help their retailers. Easy Onboarding – Delupe will launch your CSS Shopping Ad program with no work or additional cost on your part. We submit your products, manage bids and optimize to your current goals.
  • Learning Built In – Delupe has managed Shopping campaigns in the EU for the last many years, giving you a competitive advantage over other Comparison Shopping Services.
  • Smart Bidding – Bidding by the lowest level of granularity, including bidding at time of day and on product attributes like category, brand, product type, and price. Pay the right amount per click every time.
  • Advanced Feed Management – Advanced feed ingestion capabilities to increase the product acceptance and match rate given Google’s stringent requirements.
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