How to Get Started

Upload your feed into our Google Shopping ADS system. From now on, we manage your ADS on Google Shopping Ads and the users will be linked directly to your products from your feed. We optimize your traffic and work to bring you the most sales. In order to do this you have to make sure that the feed always is updated with the recent product descriptions and prices. You can always “opt-out” and “opt-in” of any campaign as you wish.

Costs: You don’t need to pay any charges to get started.

Google will invoice Delupe for clicks on the ads we place on your behalf. The pricing model will depend on the agreement you have with Delupe. For example, some Delupe may charge a fixed price per click (CPC), a commission only when a click leads to a sale (CPA), or a hybrid model (CPC+CPA). Delupe will invoice you on a monthly basis.

How you get started:

  • Sign in and follow instructions.
  • Your products will be passed through the Google merchant center and approved.
  • After one to two days you will start receiving Google Shopping Ads traffic.